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 How to make money. [Guide]

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How to make money. [Guide] Empty
PostSubject: How to make money. [Guide]   How to make money. [Guide] EmptySun Feb 01, 2009 11:01 pm

How to make Money!!!!

there is a couple of ways to make money in this server.

1. Crafting

Type ::quests then tele to ape atoll.
Pick the lock then go trade domminik for stones.
Make amulets and sell.

2. Slayer

Teleport to Slayer Tower (monster tele)
Go kill Dark beasts.
They drop dark bows (500m) and clue scroll which give some good items.

3. King Black Dragon.

Switch to ancients.
Teleport to ghorrock
Run west
Look for lesser demons (3 of them)
There should be a ladder near by.
go down it and your at KBD

Drops zgs, ranger sets

Those are the best ways to make money.
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How to make money. [Guide] Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to make money. [Guide]   How to make money. [Guide] EmptyTue Feb 03, 2009 3:10 am

nice guide just to add a few things if i may Razz
after havin a nice few ranger vs ranger battles with dark i found that i own him in wildy Razz so i would like to add

tele to mage bank and pull lever to enter wildy fight other players there and if u beat them u will get there items to use or sell
WARNING this is high risk and puts all ur items at risk too
*WARNING2 i dont know if this is a rule yet but i urge it to be NO askin for a gbs battle (give back stuff) then stealin all the items this is just wrong and if not made against the rules i may be forced to own u Razz (but seriusly no lurein plz)
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How to make money. [Guide]
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